Monday, November 12, 2018

Picture This: Clown Mirage

The clown convention disbanded without a sound.

Rows and rows of too big shoes sat in the street, surrounding the mailbox as if they'd tried half-heartedly to send themselves home. The clowns were nowhere to be found.

After a few minutes the whole thing felt like a mirage. Were there ever any clowns at all? Who had the power to clear the town out so quickly? Consider this: clowns, maligned as they are and misunderstood in part by their own design and in part because, well, who really understands the impulse to paint your face white and make your features look distorted? All to juggle? All to ride a tiny bike?

They were going to visit, surround, transform, redefine the Corn Palace. Corny at last. But the ayes didn't have it and neither did the clowns, so there's no reason for you to take it, either. Instead, let's just ride away.

-- doug smith

Picture This:
1. Find a random image (truly, close your eyes!)
2. Write for two minutes, inspired by that image.

Monday, September 17, 2018


I'm not a good dancer. I used to think that I was, but then I figured out that it was my partner who was such a good dancer that she could also make me feel like a good dancer. It was wonderful. And, when I realized later, when she'd moved on to a new partner, that I was NOT such a good dancer, at first I wanted to stop dancing. It was so disappointing. It was all just an illusion.

And then, I realized. It didn't matter. There are degrees of dancing. Somewhere there are people who dance even better than my former partner. Somewhere there are people who can hardly dance at all. No matter where we start, in dancing or in leading, we can always level up. Start where we are and get better. And, realize that the dance is not about us at all anyway. The dance is, and always has been, about your partners.

Your creative muse likes to dance. It will open up new roads to you. It will light you up and allow blood to flow to the places that make you tingle. It will make your art more alive, your improv more convincing, your life more light.

Listen to that muse and walk past the edge of whatever is stopping you. It doesn't matter if anyone is watching.

Your creative muse likes to dance. Dance.

-- doug smith

Monday, September 10, 2018

Workshop: Improv for Everyone

doug smith - improv workshop

Improv for Everyone - Improv Workshop

Anyone who knows me well knows that in addition to facilitating leadership workshops and helping people solve problems and achieve their goals, I am also a creative artist enthusiastic about improv.

If you're in or near Bucks County, PA, here is a great chance to explore and practice improv.

Sign up here

Monday, September 3, 2018

Quick Demos of Improv Warm-up Games

I have no affiliation with this group but found the video to be useful and filled with energy. If you picked any three of these terrific games you'd add texture and cohesiveness to your session. Big fun.

List of Games Demonstrated:

Rapid Fire Freeze WordBall Knight, Mount, Cavalier 5 things Numbers/21 Goalie/Firing Line Flock Dance Big Booty Kitty Wants a corner Trifecta Environments Yes Let's Circuits Horseshoe HotSpot Corridors Headlines Whoosh Woah Turning Circle 5 Element Game Stakes Circle Johnson File Yes, AND

Friday, August 31, 2018

Picture This: Another 2065 Night of Clarity

2065 Pennington Road, middle bedroom, year unknown

Tom stood in the hallway, up late as usual.

"The desk could be on the other side of the room."
"You're thinking of the future, not now."
"You honor me to think that I'm thinking at all."
"Do you think so?"
"It's commendable that you seem to be studying."
"Seem to?"
"You're not, right?"
"Of course I am. For all posterity."
"For all posterity."

-- doug smith

Picture This:
1. Find a random image (truly, close your eyes!)
2. Write for two minutes, inspired by that image.