Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Creativity Is Up To You

quotes on creativity - image by doug smith

Whether or not you're creative is up to you.

-- doug smith

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Picture This: Parenthood

I have two sons. I love them both dearly. Both are full grown adults with lives of their own. One I see everyday, because we live together. The other, not so often. Given a choice, I'd see them both everyday.

Life doesn't always consult us about our choices. Children will challenge you when you least expect it. Children will delight you without notice. Sometimes, they will forget your birthday, or your presence. It's all good. I can think of nothing better than being the parent I am. Not that I'm world class at it, I just like what life has given me in my family.

Juan and I used to take long walks. Not so much anymore because he works so much. Chris and I used to talk baseball and hangout. Not so much anymore because he works so much.

Where did they get their work ethic? Where did they learn to work nonstop? Is that my doing? Is that a great choice?

Work is my passion. My children are my joy.  Life is good.

Picture This: 

1. Find a random picture
2. Write for exactly five minutes

Collage: In Whispers and Visions Unending

Collage by douglas brent smith, Created 4 November 1979
from the book and performance installation "the path of destiny takes the scenic route"

Monday, June 1, 2020

Learn How

The most creative people in the world had to learn how to be that way.

-- doug smith

Friday, May 1, 2020


doug smith

Appreciating the creativity of others helps you to develop your own creativity.

-- doug smith

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Scene Prompt: Drama from Mama

The prompt:
Four women are stuck on an elevator. They are all moms but from four different generations.


Five Minutes: Just So That You Know

She wrapped the bandage, even though the cut was still bleeding.

"Hold that over your head," she said. "Do it now."
"For how long?"
"Until I tell you to stop. Unless I forget, then maybe ten minutes."
"That seems like a long time."
"Just hold it over your head. Have I ever been wrong?"
"I head that."
"That silence. You know I'm right so just keep holding it up."

It felt like the bleeding had stopped but his heart was still pumping rapidly. His pulse was a cadence even a marching band could hear.

She opened the window. A quick breeze blew a paper off of the table. It floated a moment and before it drifted to the floor the cat batted it around, keeping it aloft like a balloon.

"Can I put it down yet?"
"No. Did I tell you to yet?"
"I hear that..."

The cat pounced on the paper, smashing it to the floor. The cat resumed washing some essential piece of fur, over and over, over and over.

"You can put it down now."
"Thank you. I was just about to ask."
"You're not bleeding out. It was barely more than a paper cut."
"It hurt."
"You're a woosh."

Rusty the cat in a box


1. Write for exactly five minutes, then stop.
2. Find a random image to add