Saturday, February 23, 2019

Improv Music: back stage at the new moon theatre

back stage at the new moon theatre - the bizarre ensemble, from the album even numbers.

Improv Music: Sushi Accelerated

Improv / experimental music from the bizarre ensemble, featuring judi madigan.

here comes the line - by doug smith
Here Comes The Line - doug smith

into the dimension - doug smith
Into The Dimension - doug smith

Improv Music: Tempest Maximus

Music from the bizarre ensemble.

doug smith

the bizarre ensemble - doug smith

Picture This: Mixed Up

She was easily mixed up. Working in the kitchen, she would sometimes misplace the ingredients. It riled her up, and yet it also gave her a kind of energy.

"Have you seem my Thyme?"
"We're all out of thyme."
"Not true."
"Then, where is it?"
"It's here, I've just misplaced it. And you're not helping."
"Are you serious? I'm looking everywhere. Maybe if you'd alphabetize your spices and herbs."
"Herbs and spices."
"You're the one who wants them alphabetized."
"Did you find your thyme yet?"

Out of time.

It was her biggest fear, and he pushed her over that edge. Or, did he?

Picture This:
1. Find a random image (truly, close your eyes!)
2. Write for two minutes, inspired by that image.

Living Creatively

One of the best things about improv is that it stimulates your creativity. The subtle feeling of not knowing what you will do or what will happen next seems to open a door to the muse and allow technicolor waves of insights to leak thru. Those insights aren't always funny. They are not meant to be. Those insights are not always brilliant. Those are the odds. The insights ARE meant to generate more insights and more fumbles, practices, missteps, dreams, and drops.

Drops and dreams. Dreams and drops. The creative process is messy.

Living creatively is your specialty. Go for it.

-- doug smith


You are a creative artist. Your practice is up to you. Practice!

You get to choose which practice, which discipline, which genre -- but then practice! No matter how naturally it all comes to you (and yay for you that it does!) it all still takes practice. Deep levels of commitment, repetition, iteration, refinement, and memory. Practice!

-- doug smith

This Is You

Creativity is your natural state of being. Be there.

-- doug smith