Friday, July 2, 2021

Shortcut to Drama

Here's your shortcut to instant drama:

Always say exactly the wrong thing and be easily offended.

Yeah, that should work every time. And even when it doesn't: drama.

-- doug smith


another unbroken line

 the unbroken line steers

thru you unaffected unphased

sense of purpose


on purpose

                  over and over

again: you dream of something

meaningful, light not (yet) focused

covering you which is to say

       uncovering you

layer after layer

          the sounds like velcro

          unclothing disrobing


hey is that you? is that the you

you wanted to reveal?


does that you, catch you, as

     much by surprise as

the rest of us?

douglas brent smith

Saturday, May 1, 2021

An Actual Toilet On A Throne


an actual toilet on a throne

Sure it's important. You do want to be comfortable. Maybe  you like to have a bit of status afforded to you in those highly meaningful moments.

"Don't you mean hours?"

"Well, maybe minutes, not necessarily hours..."

"But they do all add up."

"Yes. But I have another concern."

"What's that?"

"Bumping my head. That doesn't look like a lot of clearance. I wouldn't want to be deeply involved in reading a big article in the NY Times only to rise suddenly and crash into the ceiling."

"It's never fun to crash into the ceiling."

And that was only one shortcoming. We did consider renting that place. There were so many wonderful artistic touches. Rooms that seemed to be sculpted into the floor plan. A balcony with a view of much of the house. A rear deck with exotic tiles. Shelves like artwork. 

But as we decided we realized it was an old place and we are not master carpenters. We're not even submitter carpenter repair people. We'd just break the place more.

But hey, how about that throne?

Picture This

1. Find a random picture.

2. Write for exactly five minutes.

There Is No Boredom


image: doug smith

How could you ever be bored when there are always new pictures to draw, new questions to ask, and new patterns to discover?

-- doug smith


When the robots come you'll want to hold a human's hand.

-- doug smith

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Poem: either / or

we do not always (read: seldom) have

choices or

            opportunities to call

chances for how

            the outcome arrives

alive in expectations we 

    genuflect gyrations to

promises unkept and either swept or

    wept away

you swept me off my feed all

    enthusiastic and smiling (a smile that

    feels endless) ending

spending our hearts ration of 

    rational being

beating so out of tempo either

        two hundred beats per minute

or paused to a stop       


--- douglas brent smith