Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Creativity Booster: Record Your Dreams

I dream about this a lot...

Do you ever wish that you could record your dreams? I remember when VHS tapes first came out thinking that it would be great amid all the programming and saving of spotty TV shows (in questionable resolution) if we could also record our dreams. Think of it -- we could pause, rewind, rewatch, re-experience our favorite dreams (that kiss! that adventure to Mars!) while simply erasing the ones we didn't like.

We still can't do that (yet!) but we could, as soon as we awake, write down what we remember about our dreams. I do that when I can. 

Will we misremember some dreams? Sure. I have no doubt that maybe I influence the way the dream was going as soon as I start to write it down. There's point of view, and then there's perspective. Still, it's fun to capture the best dreams and if part of it is imagined so much the better for our creativity. Isn't it all imagined anyway? What are dreams if not our imagination having fun? They might be processing our inner thoughts, they might be visiting other worlds, they might be visions from above, but there is very often a strong element of fun involved.

And that fun spills over into our waking life, especially when we take the time to write the dreams down. They can serve as inspiration. They can contribute to our creativity. They can get us going.

Record your dreams -- no special technology required, just a pen and a notebook. See how it gives your creativity a boost.

-- doug smith


Tomorrow, when you wake up, pause long enough to recall your dreams. Then, before you do anything else, write them down in a notebook. Sometimes it will be just a paragraph, sometimes a couple of pages. Write them down. And, then the next day, do it again. 

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