Saturday, February 23, 2019

Picture This: Mixed Up

She was easily mixed up. Working in the kitchen, she would sometimes misplace the ingredients. It riled her up, and yet it also gave her a kind of energy.

"Have you seem my Thyme?"
"We're all out of thyme."
"Not true."
"Then, where is it?"
"It's here, I've just misplaced it. And you're not helping."
"Are you serious? I'm looking everywhere. Maybe if you'd alphabetize your spices and herbs."
"Herbs and spices."
"You're the one who wants them alphabetized."
"Did you find your thyme yet?"

Out of time.

It was her biggest fear, and he pushed her over that edge. Or, did he?

Picture This:
1. Find a random image (truly, close your eyes!)
2. Write for two minutes, inspired by that image.

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