Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Improv Exercise: Smile Line

What to do:

Form two evenly distributed lines of people facing each other. In silence, practice smiling.

Small smiles, big smiles, devious smiles, friendly smiles...say nothing, simply smile.


If you have a musician, encourage them to improvise quiet music as you all smile.


Practice with hand-mirrors. Hold the mirrors up to your line partner to show them their smile.

End scene when:

If laughter ensues, let it trickle until everyone is laughing. If laughter does not ensue, someone must initiate it until it does spread. Allow everyone to savor the laughter until it slowly (or suddenly) trickles out.

-- doug smith

Some thoughts on smiles:

The best use of a mirror is to practice your smile.

A smile can help your attitude get over itself.

Practicing your smile is not only good for you, it's good for everyone around you, too.

It's harder to be mad at someone who likes you enough to smile for you.

Even a curious smile is better than no smile at all.

It's easier to face the future if you embrace the present with a smile.

-- doug smith

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