Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Five Minutes: There Is No Monologue

She got up to the front of the stage, ready to start her monologue. The lights were brighter than usual with a random slide show slightly illuminating the audience. It was a small crowd, probably no more than fifteen people. They seemed attentive and not yet drunk enough to get loud. Maybe she could pull this off.

What's up with the slides, though? She did not expect this. Maybe she should extemporaneously comment about the slides. What were they about. But no, it was time to start her monologue.

She faced the audience, at least half of which was more focused on other things. She'd better take focus NOW.

I will need two random words from the audience to begin.

"Random words"
"Global warming"
"Picture window"

She boldly selected: "Dinosaur Sex" she said. That will be the topic of my monologue.

"Sounds like a winner," said an audience member, a man about 25 who was just getting his buzz on.

"So ends the audience participation portion of this monologue," she said, not at all nervous but not at all focused. What were the two words?

"There is no monologue," said the buzzing guy's date. She seemed more buzzed than him. "And you forgot your two words, didn't you?"

How could she admit it?  She did.

Random image for "There Is No Monologue" by doug smith

-- doug smith


1. Write for exactly five minutes, then stop.
2. Find a random image to add

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