Thursday, August 30, 2018

Make It Appear Real

The trouble with bad improv is that it looks fake. Maybe the actors are having fun -- they're certainly getting bigger and bigger with their broad attempts at humor -- but it makes me squirm when I see someone acting. Obviously, acting in ways that say "isn't this funny?" and "aren't we all cool?"

No, it's not funny. And, no, it's not cool. Improv is bigger than that, better than that, much harder than that.

Real improv looks real. Characters are developed. Plots evolve instead of becoming fabricated. Dialogue sounds like overheard conversations with built in subtle yet compelling drama.

That's asking a lot from improv, which is why it's so rare. But what if you delivered at that level? What if we each took our improv to a level that is even with the best acting available?

What if no one could tell that you were improvising?

Wouldn't that be amazing?

-- doug smith

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