Saturday, April 11, 2020

Choices We Almost Make

What about that choices we almost make? One time, I almost bought a Jeep Patriot very much like the one pictured here (this one's a rental car.) I really, really wanted that Jeep. I'd been day dreaming about Jeep Patriots for about a year, and when my 2002 Chevy Cavalier started making death noises and losing its accessories, I was all set to buy one.

I test drove one. It was nice. I knew I liked them because I'd rented them before. So, what's to choose? Find one at a reasonable price and buy it.

Or so I thought.

I also drove a Chevy Cruz. That car was amazing. It drove like a sports car. It was fast, quick, turbo-charged. It made me feel young and alive and daring and ready to improvise.

I bought the Cruz. And I did love that car and kept it until it also began making killer noises and motions.

But I've never stopped thinking about that Jeep Patriot. It might be that HAD I bought it that I would still have it. But I don't.

We make choices, and move on. The choices we make are perfectly acceptable choices and we live with them, we expand them, we make the best of them.

In improv, we make choices all the time. Some are great (turbo charged!) and some are not so great (where's the wifi?) and yet we make the best of them. We support the cast around us and go with the flow.

It makes life simpler. It makes comedy real. It makes the road easier and more exciting.

-- doug smith

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