Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Random Quotes on Creativity

A much younger doug with the lost painting, circa 1976
Here are some random thoughts on creativity that I blathered out on the pages of my journal during a burst of enthusiasm. Some don't seem as brilliant now as when I thought of them, but here they are anyway, just in case I lose my journal the way I lost the painting pictured above.

  1. Improvising possibilities leads to better choices.
  2. Those who develop creativity discover new levels of happiness.
  3. A creative spark can light a thousand possibilities.
  4. Creativity might just be the closest thing to a fountain of youth.
  5. Appreciating the creativity in others helps develop the personal creativity inside.
  6. We barely understand why where' here, why not keep learning?
  7. You don't have to color outside the lines to appreciate the color within the lines.
  8. If you were as creative as you could be, how creative would you be? Go for that.
  9. Stay creative and you will never be bored.
  10. Creativity works with or without permission, with or without constraints.
  11. It might seem that creativity is best suited for the young but the truth is that it's right for everyone.
  12. Creativity, like love, suffers more from neglect than it does from resistance.
That's it for today. There are more of course. Maybe I'll scatter them around. Maybe I'll drop them occasionally. 

What creative thoughts do you have on this fine day?

-- doug smith

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