Friday, April 10, 2020

Not My Van

1969 Ford Econoline

Growth works best with boundaries.

The picture above is (I think) of a 1969 Ford Econoline. It's not my van, or former van, but I did once own a 69 Ford Econoline (filled with holes and rust -- lyrics from a song I wrote about that truck which we (my wife at the time, Nena) and I names "Buster." We named it Buster Truck because it was always busting our chops in need of one repair or another. I paid $500 for it in 1977 and it was worth every penny.

It had some severe boundaries: no radio. Barely any heat. Manual transmission. And yes, oh how we loved that van. Not sure why I ever got rid of it (probably needed major repair...) but it helped me appreciate that tough boundaries never have to limit your joy.

Buster Truck brought me great joy. You can't keep every car you've ever owned, but if you could, I would have kept Buster. Although who knows how much of him is left these days?

Enjoy your boundaries. Enjoy your day. Create something wild and wonderful just for fun.

-- doug smith

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